Organizing an Inspection

Schedule it early to avoid delays.

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If you've made the offer conditional on an inspection, you usually have a certain period in which to schedule it, usually 5 to 10 days. You should do it early so that you have time to review the findings and make changes, if necessary.
The best way to find a good home inspector is by asking friends and relatives for referrals or by searching our database of American and Canadian home inspectors.

Many people assume that all home inspectors are the same which can lead to a huge disappointment and at times be very expensive.
When you find a home inspector, ask about:

  • his training as a home inspector,
  • his qualifications, certifications or licensing from any home inspection associations,
  • references of homes he has already inspected,
  • how long has he been in business as a home inspector or similar trade.

Home inspectors often ask if you would like certain tests done for an additional fee such as a water test, radon or termite certification. These extra tests are also recommended as they could possibly save you a large sum of money if there are problems detected.

Useful Resources for Home Buyers
  • Home Inspection Checklist
  • an important step in protecting yourself from buying a home with hidden faults that will require costly repairs.
  • Choosing a Home Inspector
  • Many new home buyers have the impression that all home inspectors are the same, in fact, many Canadian provinces and American States have no regulations for home inspectors so the experience level of inspectors vary.
  • Toxic Substance Inspection
  • You've already asked for the right to have a professional home inspector inspect your house. And you've asked for the right to have your home inspected for pests. Have you thought about having an inspector test for toxic substances?
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Home Inspection Checklist
Home Inspection Checklist
A proper home inspection from a professional home inspector is always highly recommended but that doesn't excuse you from looking carefully over the home before you get to the inspection stage. By keeping a sharp eye out, you may be able to spot some major problems and eliminate a potential property before paying for an inspector...