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Hall Engineering Inspections
Little Rock, Arkansas

Area of Business

Little Rock Arkansas and surrounding.

Company Profile

Hall Engineering Inspections

Address:13401 Saddle Hill Dr
City: Little Rock
State/Province: Arkansas
Phone:Phone number (501) 227-6932
Fax:Fax number (501) 227-0662
Toll Free:    Not Available
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Listed under: United States : Arkansas : Little Rock

Description of Services

Hall Engineering Inspections conducts detailed standard residential and structural inspections in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Our inspection reports, specific to Hall Engineering, describe and identify in typed format the inspected systems, structures, and components of the dwelling and shall identify material defects observed. Inspection reports contain recommendations regarding conditions reported or recommendations for correction, monitoring or further evaluation by professionals. Our structural inspections include detailed analysis of load bearing members and foundation in localized areas specifically in question.  Accompanying areas and members are also examined to their damage or potential damage caused by the major structural deficiency.

Our standard inspection includes visual inspection per the standards of practice of ACHI (National Association of Certified Inspectors). The inspection is to identify observed defects within specfic components.  A residential engineering inspection is intended to assist in evaluation of the overall condition of the dwelling. The inspection is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the structure and its components on the date of the inspection and not the determination of future conditions, even though in some cases we do indicate to the future owner potential problems.

Certifications & licensing
Not Verified

Call Hall Engineering Inspections for details and Pricing at
(501) 227-6932 or Click Here to e-mail a representative for more information.

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