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Department of Housing and Urban Development

Contact HUD for residential mortgage market support.

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Department of Housing and Urban Development

451 7th Street, South West
Washington, DC

To locate the nearest HUD office to you, call: (202) 708-1112
To get program information, call: (202) 708-4374

HUD User information: (800) 245-2691
HUD User local Washington, D.C. area: (202) 251-5154

The department of housing and urban development provides programs for low income housing, including public housing and privately owned rental housing. It supports housing related site development and housing rehabilitation through Community Development Block Grants to state and local governments.
It also provides support for the residential mortgage market through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage insurance program and Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) mortgage backed securities guarantee program.

There is a local HUD office in nearly every major urban area. If you are located outside of an urban area call the HUD office in your state capital or in Washington, DC to find the office located near you.

You can alternatively visit the website of the HUD for inquiries by following this link:
Department of Housing and Urban Development

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