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TCS Home Inspections

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Areas Covered
Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Blackfoot, Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley and all of Southeastern Idaho.

Contact Details for TCS Home Inspections

Company Name: TCS Home Inspections
Address: 2819 N. Azure
City: Idaho Falls
Province: Idaho
Phone: Phone number (208) 589-3202
Fax: Fax number (208) 589-3202
Toll Free:    Not Available
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Description of Services

TCS Home Inspections offers:
1) Complete pre-listing home and building inspections for sellers,
2) Complete presale home and building inspection for buyers,
3) Radon testing (using a continuous monitor radon test device),
4) Digital Infrared Thermography Scanning,
5) Sight Drainage Evaluations,
6) Basic overall Energy inspections with specific recommendations for upgrades,
7) New Construction monitoring and post occupancy permit inspections for quality,
8) Well water sampling,
9) Visually Accessible Area Mold Inspections,
10) Construction Progress and On site Condition Verification Inspections for Loan Purposes,
11) Item Specific Inspections for Specific Conditions eg. (roofing, siding, foundation, drainage, moisture, etc).
* Post sale remodel consulting, and New Construction consulting.

Mr. Tate is an Idaho native and has a reputation for being the most thorough and knowledgeable home inspector in Southeastern Idaho. He has over 35 years experience as a turn key residential, and light commercial building contractor prior to becoming a full time home inspector in 1999. He is easily qualified as the area’s most experienced home inspector having personally inspected over a thousand homes.

Mr. Tate is well known and respected in the Real Estate industry for his tenacity in fully inspecting homes/ buildings and their component systems. His customized, post inspection reports for his clients fully disclose the true condition of the home or building in an easily understandable format with included photos. Savvy home buyers know that hiring a fully independent home inspector is the surest way to receive a completely impartial home inspection.

Certifications & licensing
Not Verified

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  • Choosing a Home Inspector
  • Many new home buyers have the impression that all home inspectors are the same, in fact, many Canadian provinces and American States have no regulations for home inspectors so the experience level of inspectors vary.
  • Toxic Substance Inspection
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