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Household Inspection Team
Chicago, Illinois

Area of Business

Chicago Illinois and surrounding.

Company Profile

Household Inspection Team

Address:2352 N. Clybourn
City: Chicago
State/Province: Illinois
Phone:Phone number (773) 388-9000
Fax:Fax number (773) 388-9001
Toll Free:    (800) 934-6773
Visit Website:

Listed under: United States : Illinois : Chicago

Description of Services

A home inspection team home inspection is peace of mind knowing that your new home will be inspected by certified professionals who will give you a virtual blueprint of your home's vital systems and structural integrity. Professionals who will answer any and all questions you may ask or not think of asking. They will lead you through the inspection process, educating you about a home inspection and all it entails. This will allow you to make informed decisions concerning your home.

Our unparalleled service, attention to detail and experienced certified professionals has made us the premier choice for buyers and sellers in the greater Chicago area. Household inspection team uses the latest high-tech and most sophisticated metering devices and gauges. You can be assured that you will receive the most accurate reading of your home’s vital components and operating systems.

Certifications & licensing
Not Verified

Call Household Inspection Team for details and Pricing at
(773) 388-9000 for more information.

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